>                     After registering            

All who participate in registering or
becoming a part of these opportunity's
will also qualify to take part in other
financial opportunity's as well. T.M.P is
committed in wanting to see others
receive a financial breakthrough as It
takes place on a daily basis. As we see
others grow, it would show what T.M.P
stands for. Once they see a change has
taking place they will no what a financial
breakthrough really Is. But by being a
marketing representative it's just one
more step within the operation. There
are over 12 different opportunity's for
those who take part in the grow of T.M.P
and It dozen stop there. Even those we
are not in the business of doing
multi-level marketing, the strategy which
we use are unique. We are not in the
business of selling or buying, like coffee
cups, T-shirts, Key chains or even
women pocketbooks. These are some of
the thing we just don't do, and as for
being a boss on a job; if the stress don't
kill you the job will. But be assure you
can be a real success when it comes to  
T.M.P, because anything else would be a
waste. All who participants would be
putting forth very little effort, because of
the type of opportunity this Is. So as It
stands the company stands by it's
commitment It had made. That all will
prosper within the same amount of time
within 24 to 72 hours or less. For those
who don't understand it's a joy to receive
check after check, and not having to
work 40 hours to receive it. It would be
very difficult to explain of what you
should do next when it comes to
something like this. But no this, we
ensure all of our check, they are
recorded then It Is send. But how would
they receive if they have not registered,
when they have done so everyone will
receive an ID number. It will be printed on
every check that is sent, to have a
recording of every transaction that was
made. T.M.P is committed to ensure that
everyone experience what's known as a
financial break-through. And regardless
of what anyone says It really dozen get
any better then that; and that's ford real.
>                       How it started

The company was founded in the summer
of 2001 but made it's day view in the winter
of 2005. Where it broad about numerous
of opportunity's for everyone to take
advantage of. The company was establish
because it saw a need and that need
couldn't be ignore, and as the company
grew the need grew as well. It saw the
need to start out on it's own, it no longer
needed to depend on it's parent company
which is
M.N.I. The parent company which
started it all, it had started with 13 different
programs of it's own from the beginning.
But it controlled the hold entire operation,
and even now it's still in control. But T.M.P
It self started out with just five program's of
it's own, and before we new It, It had grow
into a corporation of it's own. And as It
stands now It stands alone, and that's how
It became a conglomerate of it's self. Even
those It started out with only 5 programs;
it's a leader along said of M.N.I both are
making an impact all across the country.
It's because both team's are working
towards a common gold, It bring about a
positive chance when It come to a financial
break-through. Everything from marketing
to distribution, from distribution to creativity
with other alternatives in mine. And these
alternatives consist of  powering a network
of individuals. As T.M.P grows It will have
well over 300 hundred employee all
dedicated in making sure all individuals
become financially independent. All
programs have a 98 success rate in
succeeding and fulfilling everyone's needs.
One of the tools that's used to make sure
that happens would be our pay scale,
which was create by M.N.I. It allows
everyone to see or calculate what ever
they want to make or have made. You
make the call, the system pays out daily
and all programs use the same system,
even T.M.P. When It comes to paying
individuals no other company does It best
in the way T.M.P  does It. All checks are
release immediately and nothing is held
back for any reason. And as soon as our
finance department releases the checks
they are sent out. As we go forward we
believe not just M.N.I or T.M.P but all who
becomes a part of us. Will experience the
financial breakthrough and receive what
they have been looking for, an opportunity.

>            Understanding Is the key

Getting an understanding Is what it's all
about, and once It's receive It can never
be taking away. Everything that Is
offered was done by us, but we never
would have made It on our own. It took a
vision and a very big one to accomplish
a never ending gold. Not one or two but
six unending program's that would
charge life's for ever. One  program can
help 5% percent of the population
where as two can help 15% percent.
And to say nothing of what the other 4
could do. Are is all of them
opportunity's? Yes, can they deliver in
the same amount of time? Yes. And
they all we're design to deliver a
financial break through in time. We
started out with 5 and now there's 6 and
the 7th Is being develop. And as we
continue to grow, It won't be long before
we surpass the one who started It all
M.N.I. INC. At that time they are already
considered as a conglomerate, and we
are proud to have came out from under
them. When M.N.I had started they
already had 13 programs of there own.
And doing that time T.M.P did not exist;
little do anyone no but It was M.N.I that
started It all. A better way to put It would
be; the corporation of M.N.I they are the
proud owner's of  T.M.P. And because
now they are and will be working
together, it would mean they will do
even better. How so, if one has 13
different program's within it's arsenal
and the other has 6 at it's disposal. The
impact between the two would cause a
financial explosion of great portion.
These program's will do what they we're
design to do, but only if they areworked.
T.M.P and M.N.I are not promising a
thing, that's your job; nor are we
responsible for your on going success.
It's brought about that way because
many will buy the program and work It
for a while; but some will stop short of
meeting there gold. Why? maybe
because of loss of interests, and that
would be an unstatement; because they
we're the ones who has order the
program. You have  potential, this could
be a wake up call, make the bast of it;
and don't stop short of your dreams.     
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Putting in your email before others is a sure way to lock in your
free gift, put the word free gift in the comment section, do it now
After I have registered with T.M.P things began to happen,
now everything I have accomplish I old it all to T.M.P./ LLC.
You can make $75 - $85 - $95 And even $105 on the hour of every hour of every day
The purpose of this page was to try to bring some kind of stability, of letting you no
who we are, we can only hope it has giving you some understanding of how things
are done. the corporation it self is an on going operation which will bring fulfillment
to hundreds of who are looking for a better opportunity in how can prosper in.
Here's what's put into place when it comes to
your money, there are three entity's who
knows what you have made. We at T.M.P and
you of course; and big brother which is the
R.I.S. We will be the only three who will know
what you have made. Even those you will be
paid in the form of a check, but understand
that is subject to chance. You may soon be
receiving it on a card, all transactions will be
recorded; and you will receive a cope of
those transactions. We are letting you no
because it is crucial for you to understand
what will take place. When it comes to paying
your taxis you are solely responsible of
paiding them. The responsibility relies upon
you and not on T.M.P, we take no
responsibility of seeing how you pay your
taxis. That's a decision that's left up to you,
stay in good standers with the I.R.S. And with  
T.M.P. Its not wise to stir up a hornets nests.
No u turn when coming into your own, your own business.
I hope I haven't forgotten anything, am not sure if all who
have came to this site fully understand whats at stake; if my 21
year old can do it I no all who participate will make a killing.