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Here's our mailing addresses; 1328 Peachtree, St. Atlanta, GA, 30309.
But send all mailings to: PO. BOX 3012 Atlanta, GA, 30301-3012. Wait 7 to 10 days for delivery.
We have provided ways how you can contact us, And receive one last opportunity to receive your free gift; it maybe your last change
All opportunity's on this site is subject to change without notice, in price, how it is work, and how it's presented; all is subject to change.  
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(1) A call for Representatives: Price is $55.95, but for more info that's free just pay
for shipping it's $3.95. On your money order put:
A Call For Rep's Info.  

(2) Representatives at work: Price $49.95 Place your order to day. But if more
info is needed, for shipping it's $3.95. On your money order put:
Rep's are needed Info.

(3) The $20 - $30 - $40 - $50 - Program And more: Price $49.95) But for more Info
send $3.95 for shipping. On you money order put:
Need Info on the 20-30-40-50 Info.  

(4) Yield the Right of Way: Price $49.95) Place your order to day. But for more Info
send $3.95 for shipping. On your money order put:
Yielding to the Info is needed.   

(5) Working across state lines / Double Impact / Price $39.95) Order Now. But to get
half off order any other program and receive it for $17.95. But for more Info send $3.95
for shipping, on your money order put:
Across state lines half off.

(6) The Bad Credit Replacement Program: Price $55.95) But for more Info $4.95
is needed for shipping, for this amazing program. Order the Info first to understand the
benefits of
The Bad Credit  Replacement Info. The Rich Been Doing It For Year's.
Contact us using the contact form on this page, we will respond within 24 hour's or
less, but to reach us immediately with out your free gift do it now for a response.  
>        Don't let this opportunity pass you by, and yes a financial break-through doze come
with a price, it's call putting forth effort, your job expects it, your peers expects it, and yes
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One of the most effective weapons that's against man is
fear, it paralyzes the mine; but in order to receive your free
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Thank you for showing interest in coming to our site, We hope you have fount the vary thing
that had inspire you the most. Each program was put into place for one reason to bring
about stability, one can only become stable when certain areas have been met in your life.
The gold here of course would to try to turn your dreams into reality, no one have your best
interest at hart but you; not the government not the economy but only you, keep pressing.

Consider this? What if you could work a program that could bring you instant gratification;
with no books to read, no tapes to listen to, and no telemarketing, and with no selling what
so ever? And what could you related it to without a point of reference, you couldn't; it would
be to over overwhelminh to comprehend. But you can make $30 an hour, $40 an hour, $60
an hour, and the numbers will just continue to grow; that's ever hour on the hour of everyday.
We have taking pain and made it painless when placing your order, not only for
you but for all who want to order now. But no this, we take security very serious and
have place it at the highest level possible. So what we have done we have shut
down all electronic payment systems for the purpose of upgrade them.  Computer
theft isn't tolerated on any level, and computer hacking is at an all time high. So
when placing your order we ask that you send in a money order, for two reasons,
one, it protects you from thefts; and two it safeguards us as well. Our system will
return to normal once everything is put into place, we sorry for the inconvenience.

>     When sending your money order allow 7 to 10 day's for delivery, thank you.
More info:  What ever program you choose it's a one time fee when placing your order,
all programs pays out for a life time as long as you are a part of T.M.P.  We don't no
where you have been for the last 10 year's but many has prospered sense then, take
these program's seriously and receive your financial break-through, you be glad you did.
It Started Here
T.M.P. / LLC. Is a subsidiary of its parent company M.N.I. INC. And is responsible for all decisions that governs it, T.M.P stands along and will only consult with its consumers as the need arises, but this is only for T.M.P at this time. But
here's another chance to get it right, we won't say this is your last chance but your main priority is what's in front of you now; your only responsibility here is about getting paid as fast as you can, everything in life matters win getting ahead.     
Remeber all Info is free, just pay
for shipping, we will do the real.